PR isn't just media relations

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. PR is not just media relations.  Yes, getting coverage in the press and online is a big part of PR but there are lots of ways you can do PR without having to even get in touch with a journalist

  1. Award entries – more often than not people focus on their own industry awards and let’s be honest these are usually more of an ego trip than anything else. But think outside your own metaphorical walls and what’s going to work well for your business - what about local business awards that will help build your profile locally (if that’s a goal) or entrepreneur awards that will help to raise your profile amongst your target audience. And don’t be shy. You’ve got to be in it to win it. Literally.


  1. Influencer relations – so this can cross the line into paid for activity, but there are lots of influencers out there who are happy to support small brands without any chashola changing hands. Don’t just give away your precious stock or time willy nilly, but start identifying people that you think your target audience identify with – then engage with them, comment on their posts and then slip into their DMs. What have you got to lose?


  1. Podcasts - the podcast boom of the last couple of years means there’s oportuntiies aplenty for your to tell your story.  Whether it’s business lessons focused, parenting focused, fitness focused, even cleaning focused – there’s an audience out there for you.  Start by listening to some and working out where you can see (or hear) yourself. And then just get in touch with the podcast owner.  They’ll be super hyped that you’re listening and what’s the worst that can happen?


  1. Guest blogs – this is a great way of reaching another brand’s audience with some juicy insight from your own experiences. Identify the brands and businesses that you think will reach the people you’re trying to talk to and see what kind of blog content they have.  It works really well if you have a blog yourself and can offer a quid pro quo.  More often than not they’ll be looking for contributors and yours will be welcome (p.s. I’ve got a blog and you’re more than welcome to contribute! See, the opportunities are out there if you start looking for them).


  1. Collaborations – Collaborations are a beautiful way to cross-pollinate and reach new audiences. So they can can time and sometimes investment, but often they give you a new PR hook and a product that generates income at the end.  Whether it’s a product between a print brand and a ceramics brand,  or a retreat between a coach and a fitness instructor, there are all sorts of ways you can come together with another brand to create something that works for your all, including your customers/ clients.  It doesn’t even need to be something that makes you money.  What about an IG Live series, a virtual webinar or a talk at your local coffee shop (when times are allowing.). Oooh the opportunities are endless.  (ps. This is one of my favourite topics so get in touch if you want to brainstorm some ideas, I love it!)

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