What's The Difference Between PR and Marketing?

I sometimes forget that PR is as clear as mud for many people and it can feel like a very confusing topic. Someone asked me what the difference is between PR and Marketing and it's a brilliant question.

So let me try and explain, in case you were wondering the same thing.

PR and marketing are very intertwined but how I explain it is:

Marketing is generally you telling your audience why you're great (so that could be through an email, social media posts, an ad) - but it's generally you putting out information about your business - whether that's a product promotion or a services sale push - it's you telling them about yourself (or your business, or a specific part of your business).

PR is when someone else tells their audience that you're great.  (I'm simplifying but hopefully you get the gist) - and this is the beauty of PR, it's that third party endorsement, someone else saying how great your business is, that builds your credibility, positions you as an expert, gets you known for what you do. That could be a journalist including your advice in a feature they are writing, or your products on a news page. But it could also be a podcaster inviting you on their platform, or an event bringing you on board to speak. It could be you waiting a feature for a brand, or them using your tips in their advice to their customers.  

And that is why PR is such a great tool for getting known for what you do, for building your brand and your credibility and your business' reputation. 

I hope that helps. If you have any other questions about PR please ask away - no question is too silly, and it gives me content ideas too!

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