Priya's featured in Grazia, Good Housekeeping and House Beautiful to name but a few! Find out how...

Tell Us about Your Business - What do you do?

My business Pri Pri is a colour collection of handmade accessories and kidswear made from pre loved saris. Born out of my love of textiles and early memories of sewing with my grandmother, colourful fabric offcuts are given a new life and transformed into beautiful and unique pieces for the home or for a little one. All designs are are handmade by a charity in India that helps to upskill and empower underprivileged women with training in tailoring. 

Can you tell us some of your PR highlights? What are you most proud of?

A few spring to mind - some product based and some based around my business story. The biggest highlight was being able to show my grandmother a national magazine feature on my brand including a picture of us together just before she passed away. I think my first PR win is still my proudest as I had no idea about PR and it had the clearest impact on sales ( I had only just launched my own website after only selling on marketplaces for several years so the traffic spike post publication was clear). I pitched over instagram DMs to an editor of the Daily Mail magazine and ended up having a banner in the magazine. Some of the customers I have from that feature are still some of my most loyal repeat customers.

 How have you found DIY-ing your PR? Has anything surprised you?

PR was a totally new area for me - I knew I wanted to get my brand in the press but didn't really know much about what it was versus traditional marketing channels. The PR Set has helped me understand how the industry works. I look back at how it took me ages to draft my initial pitch but how it has become much easier with practice. 

What impact does the PR have on your business?

I know some publications have led to direct sales but there are others where you don't see immediate results and it's just helpful for brand awareness. It's definitely a stamp of validation for your business and it's great to be able to add 'as seen in' x on your website. It also helps reduce my imposter syndrome when I'm pitching to potential buyers or other journalists!

 What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve received?

If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will! A product business has a potential customer base of millions of people worldwide so start selling.

What advice would you give people who want to do PR for their business?

Give it a go! Just send that email or that pitch - What's the worst that could happen?! Also understand your industry see if you can develop relationships with journalists in the same way you might do with influencers.

What’s your favourite bit about being an entrepreneur?

The fact I get to do what was a hobby as an actual job! I also love the learning that comes with it - running your own business means you have to have a steep learning curve in all aspects of marketing, PR, accounting, branding etc.

And the worst?

Working without a team is lonely and it can be difficult to keep motivated. I have made the most of many small business networks though and try and see them as my colleagues - including the lovely businesses I've met through The PR Set!

Can you bust a PR Myth for us? 

I used to think journalists would feel harassed by cold emails but I now approach them with the mindset that I may actually be helping them out by providing them with useful content. It makes me much more comfortable about the PR process and I don't get offended if they don't reply!


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