Anna's smashing her DIY PR 🚀

Meet Anna Campbell, one of my DIY PR members who’s doing a brilliant job of DIY-ing her PR and building her profile as a go-to career coach in titles that really work for her target audience.

I can tell you until I’m blue in the face that you can do your own PR - but don’t just take it from me. Here Anna tells us about what PR has done for her business and her take on being an entrepreneur.

Tell Us About Your Business - what do you do?

I'm Anna, Career Consultant, Coach and Founder of Reclaim Your Lane. I help those who are done with feeling stuck and want to make decisive moves forward in their career to identify what they want, establish a clear direction and take confident action to build a future on their terms. I work with individuals, businesses through 1:1 support, speaking and workshops.

Can you tell us some of your PR highlights? What are you most proud of?

I'm delighted to have contributed to titles such as STYLIST Magazine, and most recently, People Management Magazine. I was proud to have been in STYLIST as I've been a reader for as long as I can remember, and its mission to empower women is at the heart of what I do through Reclaim Your Lane.

How have you found DIY-ing your PR? Has anything surprised you?

PR felt scary and out of my comfort zone, and approaching journalists felt daunting. Thanks to Pippa and her fab support and resources, DIY-ing my PR has made me realise that PR coverage is so much more accessible for my business than I thought.

What impact does the PR have on your business?

PR not only gives me confidence by contributing and being recognised as an expert, but it has brought me clients who have seen me in the press :) This social proof helps build trust people seek in a crowded and loud marketplace.

What's the best piece of business advice you've received?

'Show up, even though the silence' As a small business owner; it can sometimes be disheartening when you feel like momentum is slow, but - you truly never know who is watching (just because people don't 'like' it doesn't mean they aren't taking it in). Some of my clients and most exciting collaborations have come from showing up and being visible and front of mind.

What advice would you give people who want to do PR for their business?

1. Just start
2. It doesn't have to be perfect!
You aren't too small to be in the press. If you have a business, you have something to say, and we want to hear it. Just start! What I love about The PR Set is the digestible action steps to help you start and the community and group call keep you accountable to get it done and stay out of perfectionism traps.

What's your favourite bit about being an entrepreneur?

 Knowing that I can truly help people navigate their difficult situations at work and come out the other side happy, fulfilled, excited and confident again. It's the best thing ever to see someone thrive.

And the worst?

The overwhelm and comparison! There is always something you're not doing and feel you should be doing. Feeling alone wearing ALL the business owner hats can also feel lonely, but communities of other founders and entrepreneurs are game-changing.

Can you bust a PR Myth for us?

Journalists are not scary 'Devil wears Prada' style intimidating. My experience has been that they're grateful for your contribution and wisdom! 

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