Why you're more like Kate Moss than you realise....

So you may think I'm bonkers, but you and Kate Moss have more in common than you might think. 

For years Ms Moss was an enigma, the cool girl of fashion who didn't tell us what she thought, she wasn't accessible, not on social media (only her modelling agency has a platform), rarely doing media interviews. Her profile was one of inaccessibility and that made her all the more compelling.  She's been, for years, one of the most sought after supermodels of her generation. Working with all the high fashion designers from YSL to Chanel and everything in between.  

I know, you’re not feeling very aligned right now, but bear with me. 

You see we hardly even knew what she sounded like. We didn’t really know Kate Moss, just the enigma. 

Until now.

Recently Kate has launched her very own consumer facing brand, CosMoss, a beauty brand that “draws on the extraordinary life experience of Kate Moss”.

It’s no coincidence that I’ve heard and read Kate Moss being interviewed more times in recent months than I have in all the previous years put together. 

Take this piece on what’s Inside her handbag for Vogue or this video about her 20 most memorable looks.

She’s also revealing more of herself in interviews and at events with media, as reports WWD in this article where she reveals how she came up with her brand and the inspiration behind it. 

Because she’s story-telling. 

She knows in order to build a brand she needs to create a connection with her audience.  When it’s her own brand it’s different.

And this is where you and Ms Moss are similar.  Kate is putting herself out there as a brand owner.  She’s using her profile because it’s the easiest way for her to connect with her target customers and bring you into her world. 

Yes she’s got great connections and she knows how to work a photograph - classic product placement in the photo here for example.

But she’s stepped up to reveal more of herself to us. And it’s working.

And that’s why I encourage small business owners to build their own personal profile, to step out from behind the scenes, to connect with their target audience and tell their own story.

I dare you to channel your own inner Kate Moss and start looking for ways you can build your own profile (fashion icon or not!)

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