The PR Set's This Morning Hat Trick!

This Morning is the holy grail of PR opportunities for so many small businesses out there - it's the one that comes up the most when I'm talking to business owners and entrepreneurs about where they'd most like to be featured (Vogue is the other one!).

Now I'm all about making sure that your PR strategy works to reach your target audience, but there's no denying the power that This Morning can have on your business.

And I want you to know that it's not an unrealistic target for your business. In fact three businesses within my DIY PR membership have been featured on This Morning.

Here are the things that have swung it for them:

Personalisation - Katie from  Little Florence pulled a blinder with this one - we chatted about the different ways she could be featured on This Morning and came up with the personalisation route. So she created one of her family portraits made up with all the members of the This Morning team - she really thought about it and included really special details within the picture. This was picked up in their Father's Day Gift Guide and boy did the orders come in!


Timing - Pippa from The Conscious Party Collective got her business featured on This Morning towards the end of lockdown when we were gagging for fun and to be with our friends again.  She pitched her brilliant range of eco friendly products to them and they fitted really with with a party segment they were doing about how to have smaller parties. Brilliant work Pippa!

Unique Story - If you haven't heard of Andie from Dahlia Beach yet then go follow her immediately! Andie started her flower farm during lockdown when she lost her wedding business. Fast forward a few years later and she's got a blooming business (excuse the pun) teaching people how to grow their own Dalias, as well as a pick your own farm in Oxfordshire.  A combination of her story, her insta profile and the fact that it all looks so beautifully gorgeous on screen saw the This Morning team film a dedicated segment on the farm, all about her business and what she does. 

Three DIY PR members on This Morning - it's something that I'm super proud of and if I'm honest I'm feeling just a bit vindicated too. I've been banging the drum to give small business owners access to affordable PR for nearly two years now, because I know the benefits it can bring to your business; driving sales, building your brand and getting you in front of new audiences just to name a few. The coverage on This Morning shows that I was right; the media wants to hear from you small business owners, they want to feature you and your stories, Because you're interesting, you have a different take on things. You're not the same old faceless big corps. You matter and so do your stories.

If they can do it, you can to. So stop thinking about it and let's get on and do it!


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