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Hi, I'm Pippa.


I'm on a mission to make PR accessible to entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups to help them to grow their business, without the need for big agency fees or a little black book of contacts.

Being featured in that glossy magazine, speaking on that stage, being interviewed on that podcast. All of these are within reach for you and your business. 


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I will show you how you can use PR to drive sales, build your brand, reach new audiences and grow your business. Whatever budget and time you have available (and you don't need much, I promise), I have a flexible and affordable option for you.

Ready to step up, take quick action and get results?

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Pippa is an absolute pleasure to work with, and a massive strength is her ability to get under the skin of, and understand, a brand. In tone and the language as well as ideas of what partnerships would benefit a brand for collaborations. A huge part of PR is connection and Pippa‚Äôs is that ‚Äď to connect - with brands, customers, partners.

Steph Douglas, Founder Don't Buy Her Flowers 

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DIY PR Subscription

Making PR accessible for you

It's quite confusing this PR malarky isn't it? I mean for a start, the question I'm asked the most is "What is PR"?

And it's a great question (one that I see lots of people get wrong, even PRs!). When I'm explaining it, I describe it as using third parties to endorse your business.  So that might be a journalist writing about you in their newspaper or magazine, but it might also be someone inviting you on to their podcast to speak, or to collaborate with them on social media, or a blog post for their brand, or a talk within their membership, or a speaking opportunity at an event...(and that's just a few of the different PR routes for your business).

Rather than with marketing where you are telling your audience about what's great about your business through your emails, Facebook ads or social media, PR uses someone else's platform to endorse your business.

And that is why it's so powerful. Because it's someone else telling their audience that you're great, rather than you telling them yourself.

Think about how powerful the right magazine logos are on your website or in your social media profile. 

PR not only gets your business in front of new audiences, it also helps to build your brand, to drive sales, to give you credibility. It makes you discoverable and it gets you in front of key players that you might not have reached otherwise (I'll tell you the story about one of my members who was spotted in a magazine by a buyer from Liberty, or another one who the producers of BBC Morning Live read about in a newspaper and got them on their TV show). 

The PR Set isn't about templates and to do lists. It's not even about column inches.It's about giving you the knowledge and confidence to do PR for your business -whether you're a team of 20 or a one (wo)man micro biz. You have expertise and services or products that deserve to be shouted about. 

The PR Set is here to show you the ways you can promote your business, build your brand and reach new audiences whilst keeping you inspired.

It's time for us to democratise PR, for the big businesses to step aside and let the indie brands through. 


We needed something but we weren't sure what it was - until we met with Pippa!

Her guidance and tuition allowed us to understand why PR works and how it could work for us.  She is highly professional and her experience in PR and journalist shines through and enables her to invaluable tips and advice.  

As a result of our strategy session with Pippa, we have a bespoke PR plan which we are confident will help us meet our business goals.  We are already beginning to see results!

Sally, Hannah and Vikki, Directors, Chalet Shop 

The PR Set is for you if:

  • You think that you can't afford to do public relations for your biz
  • You want to do PR but you don't know how
  • You think you haven't got enough time to do PR
  • You don't think your business is big enough to do PR*
  • You've tried a bit of PR and it's not worked for you
  • You've been let down by PR agencies and spent too much for too little results (you're not alone)
  • You want ideas and inspiration on how to promote your business in ways you haven't thought about
  • You want to reach new audiences and take you business to the next level - for free!
  • You want to join a community of like-minded business owners to collaborate and build relationships with
  • You want to train or up-skill your in-house team (or yourself!)
  • You're fed up of sitting in the shadows and watching your competitors get all the glory. This is your time to shine.

*it is, I promise!

What do I know? 

Hi, I'm Pippa Goulden.  I've worked in PR nearly 20 years (who's counting) as well as spending nearly two editing a successful consumer lifestyle magazine.

I've sat on both sides of the fence when it comes to PR (and oh the things I've seen, but that's for another day).  

I've worked on international campaigns and big budget brands but it's always been the small businesses that float my boat. Knowing that I can make a real, tangible difference to your indie brand or start-up is what I get really passionate about.  

And that's why I launched The PR Set three years ago and since then I've helped hundreds of small businesses like yours to get the press coverage they deserve and the PR opportunities that are getting them known for what they do.

I want to use my expertise to really help you to drive your business forward. To reach new audiences and build your brand.  You've done an amazing job to get your business this far. I know the hard work and sleepless nights you've had. PR can help you reach the next level.  So what are you waiting for?  Let's do this! 

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Pippa is wonderful. She is energising and helpful with great ideas and an amazing and constant flow of opportunities. The PR Set feels very accessible to someone slightly allergic to doing PR, I'm really enjoying being part of it. 

Sarah Day, Wear & Resist

I wholeheartedly recommend the PR set to anyone looking to step up their business visibility and grow their PR skills.

Ness, Marketing Specialist 

The PR Set has been one of the most important building blocks in getting my start-up business in front of publications, providing me with an in-depth understanding of how PR fits into the overall e-comm echo-system, and most importantly - providing a community of like-minded and relatable business owners who support, encourage & motivate each other on this crazy journey.  All of this lead by the wonderful Pippa, who are an absolute superstar.  Her vibrant personality is infectious and you always feel hyped & excited after a chat with her.

Karli Buchling, Founder Natal Comfort and FemTech Entrepreneur 

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