5 Things PR Can Do For Your Biz

Quickfire round.  Here’s 5 things that PR can do for your business:

  1. Help you to reach new audiences (ready to step out of that social media comfort zone?)
  2. Position you as an expert (Moi? I hear you shout. Yes YOU.)
  3. Put you on the radar of key industry players – whether it’s buyers or investors or even people to collaborate with.
  4. Create new opportunities. – you just never know who’s reading
  5. Drive sales and traffic – did you know that someone needs to see your brand an average of 7 times before they buy? Giving them more opportunities to see you will  put you on their radar


And one for luck – it can give you the confidence that what you’re doing it the right thing.  I’d never recommend doing PR for an ego trip, but I’ve also seen clients bloom off the back of PR.

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