How To Work With Influencers To Supercharge Your BusinessĀ 

With Cat Sims

and Pippa Goulden

How To Work With Influencers To Supercharge Your Business

With Cat Sims and Pippa Goulden 

Influencer Cat Sims (aka @notsosmugnow) and small biz PR expert Pippa Goulden have teamed up to teach you everything you need to know about working with influencers.

This online, self-paced course will give you a step-by-step guide and covers all the things you need to know about getting your business featured by the right people at the right time.  


Don't just take our word for it:

Helen, service business owner

Really useful, short course. Easy to complete in an afternoon and to start actioning immediately. Helpful content.

Definitely recommended!

Pip, product business owner 

Great introduction into building communications with influencers. Clear presentations and well laid out question booklet. Helped to build my confidence for the work our small business is already trying to achieve.

Lindsay, social media consultant 

This course was fantastic in helping to understand the world of influencers, the processes, your goals and how it tends to operate.

Many thanks

In "How To Work With Influencers To Supercharge Your Business" You Will Learn 



The key things to understand about your business before you even start approaching influencers, knowing who your target audience is and understanding what you want to achieve.


How to find the right influencers for your business, how to approach them and the dos and don'ts to think about when you're working with them.


What you can expect from working with an influencer plus all the practical things to know and understand. We also look at ways to maximise your relationship and make sure it works for you as much as the influencer. Plus we talk about the holy grail of creating "Fanfluencers" for your business. 


What to do if you have budget to spend, how to maximise it and how to optimise your relationship with the influencer, plus how to work with agents.  What to do if you don't have budget, how to focus your efforts and get the most exposure for your business.   

Bonus Q&A

All the questions you've wanted to ask an influencer but never been able to.   How do you get your brand on their radar? What works well for them? And what absolutely doesn't? What kind of outcomes can you expect?  

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Pippa Goulden Cat Sims How To Work With Influencers

This course is for you if: 

- You want to work with influencers to get your business seen, but don't know where to start

- You'd love to see your products or services featured by influencers

- You don't have any budget but want to understand how you can get your products or services featured by influencers

- You want to step-up and allocate marketing budget but don't know how or where you should be spending it

-The world of influencers makes you feel confused and intimidated and you wish you understood it better

- You've already started working with influencers but aren't sure you're doing it properly (or it hasn't worked and you're not sure why)

- You're ready to supercharge your business 

This course isn't for you if: 

- You aren't prepared to do the work (unfortunately there's no magic bullet)


What do we know?

Cat Sims is a successful influencer who has built a following of over 195,000 through @notsosmugnow where she delivers content about parenting, adulting, mental health and everything in between. Cat has also worked with small businesses and brands through her business strategy and social media marketing agency and totally understands what it's like being on the other side of the content.

Pippa Goulden is a small business PR expert and founder of The PR Set, offering a flexible approach to PR for small businesses. She has worked with lots of influencers across lots of brands - she launched the Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust "Smear For Smear" campaign which saw thousands of women (from Cara Delevigne to Cat Sims) smearing their lipstick on their social media to raise awareness of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.  She has also worked strategically with lots of businesses (some with big budgets and lots with non-existing budgets) to help them develop the right plan to get their brand in front of the right audience via influencers. 

This course addresses the key questions that Cat and Pippa are often asked and aims to demystify the world of social media to show you exactly how you can work with the right influencers to help your business to grow. 

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How To Work With Influencers To Supercharge Your Business 

  • 4 module course to teach you everything you need to know about working with influencers 
  • Bonus Q&A content
  • Workbook so you can apply the learnings to your own business